SS Cut Wire Shot

Price : INR 160.00 - 320.00 / Kilogram

Advantages of SS Cut Wire Shot

  • Stainless steel cut wire shot has a significantly longer Shots life than cast steel shot or grit and carbon cut wire shot .
  • Dust generation is significantly lower – blasting operations are much cleaner
  • Stainless steel cut wire shot produces excellent Surface results because of its uniformity and strength
  • It will make you a “Greener” organization because disposal of spent media will be significantly reduced. (You won’t need as much shot, inventory requirements will be lower, and inbound freight will cost less.)


Conductor Type Solid
Usage Industrial
Hardness 180-205 HV.
Density 8.60 g./cc.
Available Size 2.50 mm - 3.00 mm
Features Long functional life
Strength Optimum

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 25 Kilogram